Artificial Grass Dallas

A large number of people are switching to artificial grass to solve their grass issues. Quite often than not, the benefits tend to surpass the initial cost of a residential artificial grass lawn. You can save tons of hours of maintenance and the money too. Not only that, residential artificial grass has a positive impact on the environment as it plays a pivotal role in water consumption and reduces chemical upkeep as well.

Over the last few years, the production of residential artificial grass lawn has rapidly grown. Not only that, it has excellently evolved to imitate the realistic look along with grass fibers that are similar in appearance to dead particles.

Residential artificial grass is also known as a synthetic lawn. It is low maintenance, pet-friendly, and is quite a versatile product in terms of application as well. One of the main upsides of using artificial grass is that you can curve and shape it according to any type of garden no matter it is big or small.

There are numerous benefits of installation residential artificial grass Dallas. Let’s take a look:

professional gardeners are rolling out artificial turf


You can totally forget about tiring yourself with the upkeep of your lawn once if you have installed an artificial lawn. You can rest assured that it shall withstand wear and tear for quite a number of years. The materials which are used in the manufacturing of NexGen lawn grass are made to withstand all the climatic and weather changes. They are free of any lead content which keeps the yarn safe from fading, cracking, or drying. NexGen artificial grass has a urethane coated backing system that prevents the grass from getting wrinkles.

Low maintenance

Although with artificial grass lawn, you won’t have to mow it would still need you to maintain it but not so much. All you have to do is use a large leaf blower as it would help you in removing large organic materials. Along with that, you need to get a natural bristle broom that would fluff the areas that get the most of the traffic. The only time you would need water is when there is tough debris that you may have to clean. Also, if you don’t have a dog, then you might not even need this cleaning method.

No Mowing

When you have a natural lawn, it is necessary to mow your lawn and maintain its look. And many people just hate this chore. But if you have residential artificial grass lawn than you can pack that lawnmower in the garage. You won’t need it anymore because plastic grass will not grow!

No Need for Fertilizers or Pesticides

Artificial grass lawns always stay lush and green without any pesticide or fertilizers.  The material does not allow any bug or pest to house themselves in it. It does not provide a living area of food to any insects so you won’t have to face any pest problems. Not using any fertilizers or pesticides not only saves your money but is also it is good for the environment too.

No water

A regular lawn needs you to water it on a regular basis normally in the late evening or early morning. On the other hand, artificial grass does not need water. You would need water only to clean the artificial lawn and that, too, occasionally. All you have to do is to give a short burst of water to the blades so that all dirt is removed. You would see for yourself how you can reduce your water bill.

Bid Farewell to Weeds

One of the biggest problems of a natural lawn is weeds. Weed control is a complete job of its own, and there are so many types of it. It takes a lot of time and money. With artificial grass, you can say bye-bye to weeds. You might have to remove it from time to time in a natural lawn even with the right measures. But are almost non-existent when you have an artificial lawn.


As there are no pesticides, weed killers or fertilizers used in the artificial grass lawns, any child can safely play on it. Large cities are also switching to artificial lawns instead of natural grass in public playing areas.

Pet-friendly artificial grass Dallas

We all know that dogs love the outdoors. Our furry friends love to roll on the grass in the lawn, but sometimes they end up eating grass in excitement. As far as artificial grass is concerned, dogs tend to ignore it. And even if they leave any mess behind, a mild detergent and some water will do the job. Also, they won’t be able to dig through it!

Lush Green Look that never grows old

Whether it is hot or cold, artificial grass Dallas can easily bear all the weather conditions. It stays green and resembles a real lawn pretty much. Even the areas that get the most footfall would require very small effort from you to maintain it so, it continues to look new.

We all know that nowadays, every homeowner lives a fast-paced life. They hardly get time to run important home errands let alone care for a lawn. Be it people residing in small estates, townhouses, apartment owners, or those who own holiday homes could benefit from installing artificial grass. There is so much that you could do with it. The options are endless!

If you are looking to install synthetic turf in your house, look no further than NexGen Lawns Dallas. Our grass would give you the perfect green look you have been dreaming about and alleviate you from the constant maintenance and upkeep of traditional grass lawn. You can rest assured that our artificial grass is truly made in the USA, and our manufacturing process happens to be one of the most advanced in the world. You cannot go wrong with NexGen artificial grass lawns as our goal is to provide you with the best artificial grass lawn available on the market.

Contact us for a quote now! NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Dallas

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