NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass

Considerations for Getting an Artificial Lawn Grass

There is no denying the fact that our lawns take a lot of our time. At the same time, they provide us with the ideal spot to curl up with a good book and coffee, a play area for children and the perfect setup for a barbeque party as well. With busy work routine and the fast-paced life we all are living nowadays, it could become a burden to maintain it. No worries, you could still have a lush green look with artificial grass. It looks like the real thing, is durable and you can even lay down on it.

While deciding on getting an artificial turf, the budget isn’t the only thing that you need to bear in mind because fake grass is nothing short of an investment.  Here are a few things that you need to bear in mind before getting artificial grass:


The first thing that you need to consider before you decide to get artificial turf for your home is the traffic of the place where you want to install the grass on. If you have kids or pets, get the one which is highly durable because a less durable turf in an area with heavy footfall would make it look dull and worn out sooner. So, it is important to think about the usage of the area. Highly durable does not mean that you will have to compromise on your comfort. High-quality artificial grass such as NexGen has a non-abrasive and soft texture.


Let’s talk about quality now. A quality artificial turf would be smooth and soft to touch. It is best to go with polyethylene yarns, polyamide, or polypropylene turfs. A high-quality turf would be backed evenly and comes with consistent color and well-stitched tufts.  They might be a bit more expensive than the rest, but you have to get the best because it is a long-term investment. It is better that you look at multiple manufacturers and suppliers, compare them, and then make the final decision.

If you have found a supplier online, then ask for samples. This way, you won’t be stuck with samples you are not satisfied with. Ask them to give you a large sample as a small sized sample would not give you the exact idea of the product.

Size of the Garden

If you have a vast lawn, artificial grass might not be the best option for you. If you truly want to replace the original grass with an artificial one, then it is better that you consult with a garden designer first or a professional gardener or landscaper. They might be able to give you a better idea of what would be best for you.

The Insects

Different sort of insects, worms, and pests reside in natural grass lawns. As a result, gardens are the birds’ favorite place to find food. If you select artificial grass, then you should always keep in mind the different ways to lure in wildlife to your garden.

You could think of rock crevices, insect houses, and other bright flowers to attract birds and bees. Add some rocks, a pebble path maybe? Also, see that there is some water source of any feature with water. This would not only enhance your garden’s look but make it seem more natural and real.

Infill and Backing

Infill types is another important factor when you choose synthetic grass. Usually, sand and gravel are used in the installation processe,s but other types exist as well. The goal is to keep your lawn resilient and springy. You could discuss the different options with the company who is installing the artificial grass and then decide what works best for you.


Synthetic grass comes in different shades of green such as lime green, olive green, dark green, and others. Turfs of cheaper quality are only available in flat green shades and, one could easily spot them as fake. What you need to do is that stay away from the turfs that look too perfectly green.

Select a green that is not too perfect and more towards the natural side with different green shades and brown spots as well. You can select any turf according to your personal preference, but it is better to take a few samples and observe them in the sunlight. This way, you would know which one looks great in the sun and according to your home.

The Pile Height

The pile height means the length of the grass blade from top of the backing to the tip. Selecting a turf with a higher pile might seem like the logical option if you want your lawn to look lush. But, longer grass blades are heavier and because of the pull of gravity shall bend over. Over time, this would lead your lawn to look flat. Too short blades will make your lawn seem bare. Too long and they would bend over. The ideal pile height is between 30mm and 40 mm.

To ensure that your lawn looks natural, select the pile height of 30-37mm. If you wish to place furniture on it, go for a shorter pile height so that you get more sustainability. No matter what your pile height is, brush the turf regularly so, the blades remain upright. Turfs are usually sold with labels like lightweight, mid-weight, and luxury. This represents density.

Selecting Residential Artificial Grass at NexGen

Now remembering all of these things could be overwhelming. We at NexGen Lawns are happy to assist you with your decision. We are well aware of all the things regarding synthetic grass and guide you accordingly. For those who wish to have a lush green lawn and that, too, with minimum maintenance, artificial grass is a lifesaver for them. As it an expensive task, we recommend that you choose your turf wisely and in case of any queries, contact us right away.

We have all the knowledge that you need to consider before getting artificial grass. Talk to us and get the gorgeous dream green garden of yours!

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